Eugene Charles De Gayffier - Study of Foliage, Wild French Plant
Baron Adolph de Meyer - Lili Damita (Mrs. Errol Flynn)
Michael Philip Manheim - Reach (From Dancing Hands Series)
Andre Adolphe-Eugene Disderi - Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager, Photographer, Marine Painter and Printmaker
Cecil Beaton - Picasso in His Studio on Rue des Grands Augustins, Paris
Stanko Abadžic - Fork and Plate (Still Life)

Newsletter News

Penelope Niven, Noted Steichen Biographer, Dies

On August 28th acclaimed author Penelope "Penny" Niven passed away at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center surrounded by her family.

Penelope Niven was the critically acclaimed author of Carl Sandburg: A…

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Featured Exhibit

Surrealism and Experimental Photography

By Alex Novak

While, as one might suspect, most of the work comes from the fertile Between-the-Wars period, a number of images show the work of more current practitioners who continue…

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Collecting Resources

Photography Price Gyrations: Gustave Le Gray, A Case Study

There has been and probably always will be a strong market for this 19th-century photographer. Besides being an acknowledged master by virtually every art institution, he is one of the…

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