E-Photo Newsletter #212

by Alex Novak

Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis Juif. Je Suis Ahmed.

Last week terrorists attacked us all. Make no mistake—the attacks by mad men in France were attacks on all the world's peoples. They followed unthinkingly their puppet masters, who perform their own cruel, fanatical acts of violence on innocents in the Middle East and elsewhere, which no God would ever…

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E-Photo Newsletter #211

by Alex Novak

A Holiday Word

My long-time readers of the E-Photo Newsletter know that I often write about the holidays, even though what I usually suggest is that the same spirit should affect us year round. My Christmas is a bit of a strange one this year. My daughter couldn't come visit because she is…

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Lisa Holden, Trees in Snow

E-Photo Newsletter #210

by Stephen Perloff

Christie's Puts up Three NY Fall Auctions: Forbe's Sale Hits Only $1,298,125 with a Buy-In Rate of over 40%

The Fall auction season opened with only mild enthusiasm for the works on offer. Numerous conversations with dealers and collectors indicated that they all had something they were interested in, but no one was excited by the totality of photographs coming to market. Christie's led off on September 29 with a…

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Irving Penn's Harlequin Dress was the top lot of the sale at $245,000.