Special 30%-Off (And More) 2017 Holiday Sale for Vintage Works, Ltd., Only Through Dec. 31st!

Sale ends January 1, 2018

From now until midnight EST, December 31st, you can get 30% off on thousands of select photographs on the Vintage Works website--and FREE packing and ground shipping for U.S. clients. International customers have to pay shipping costs and all VAT taxes/customs duty, but we will reduce that shipping cost by $20. Pennsylvania clients must pay PA sales tax. Prices range from $70 to over $10,000 net, so there are great values at every price point. The sale does not apply to any pending or past purchases, and no further discounts will be given. The sale ends Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017. Absolutely no sales at these prices will be made after that date. This is a one-time, limited offer, so check out the sale today and don't miss it! Whether you are buying a holiday gift for someone or for yourself, now is the time to do it!