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Sanford Roth - Elizabeth Taylor and Her Husband Mike Wilding Play Bullfight
Alexander Hammid (or Hackenschmied) - Portrait of Maya Deren
Laure Albin-Guillot - Advertising Shot for the Perfume "Masquerade" by L. T. Piver
E. B. Nock - Two Victorians in Costumes with Masks
Maurice Seymour - Portrait of Tamara Toumanova with Tulle Veil
Erwin Blumenfeld - Young Eyes
Charlie Schreiner - Carnival Mask
Max Waldman - Glenda Jackson as Charlotte Corday in Marat Sade
Arthur Tress - Girl with Dunce Cap, New York
Arthur Tress - Boy with Chinese Mask, New York City, NY
Yves Jeanmougin - Mardi Gras, La "Paternelle", Marseille
Alexander Hammid (or Hackenschmied) - Maya Deeren
Michael Philip Manheim - Siblings
Ladislav Postupa - Female Nude (detail)
John Schneider - Viet Cong Suspect with U.S. Marine
Anonymous - Lady Bird and Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) with Mask
Anonymous - A Crowded Bazaar
Timothy Rice - Wedding Veil
Dorka Raynor - Bombay, India
Raoul Bariaux - Nuns in Damme (near Bruges)

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